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Zest FC Seeking World-Class Talents for Season 2018

San Diego Zest FC is seeking high-level, dedicated male soccer players to participate in 2018 tryouts for our USL PDL squad. Highest-ranking participants will have the chance to be selected to play in an independent, top-level team, and to compete against other advanced collegiate players.

The PDL is the highest level of men’s amateur soccer in the United States, and provides soccer players with the ability to accelerate their performance and play in an increasingly professional setting. In addition, our history of player management via SDSA shows a proven track record of player and agency accountability. We look forward to the growth of an independent team, with the objective of PDL league affiliation.

Do not miss out on this rare and exciting opportunity to advance your playing career and become a part of the ground-breaking of our soccer team. If you have what it takes to raise your playing to the next level, please register for the 2018 tryouts by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or telephone (858-564-9228).

Who is eligible to register for the 2018 tryouts?

Men ages 17+ may register to participate. A maximum of 10 international players and 8 of ages 23+ will be accepted on the team. Zest FC is seeking players who are respectful, cooperative, honest, and pleasure to help community through  not only soccer but volunteers.

Are you an international player interested in joining an American soccer team? International players bring unique skill sets that can be adapted and improved by fellow teammates. We believe that such a contribution is invaluable, and an important part of creating a solid, competitive team. If you are an international player who would like to take your playing skills to the next level, please consider participating in our 2018 tryouts, and sharing your unique performance with our tryout selection panel.

The Significance of a Premier Development League Team

With becoming an official member of the Premier Development League (PDL) as one of the primary goals of FC San Diego’s soccer team’s inaugural season, it is important for prospective team candidates to recognize the significance of belonging to such an elite group of athletes. Currently, the soccer system is arranged into a structure with several different levels, the top 3 of which are considered professional soccer. PDL is usually considered rank 4, or the highest-level ranking of amateur soccer. In addition, PDL players may be eligible to play professionally, and some teams within the PDL are reserve teams for MLS (Major League Soccer).

For soccer players who hope to continue professional careers in their sport, participating in a top-level league such as PDL holds great potential for advancement and future drafting into upper teams. Recently, Major League Soccer (MLS) announced its shift away from the previous Reserve League model, and is seeking reserve leagues in lower division ranks of soccer, as well as encouraging potential players to become members of USL or independent teams. With this transition from former soccer models, players are well-positioned to increase their chances of progress to higher playing ranks of soccer, while continuing to experience player growth and development through nationally recognized leagues such as PDL. PDL’s sponsorship by the United Soccer Leagues (USL) means that members are a part of the USL system, and are ideally positioned for progression to USL -status, and advancement to MLS.

Players hoping to continue professional careers will want to take advantage of the chance to join a league such as PDL to gain the recognition and development necessary to grow them as players. In addition, thanks to this new approach to MLS structuring, teams will have increased opportunity for higher-level competition against professional players, assisting their maturation as players, and the refining of their championship contesting abilities. Athletes who are interested in expanding their pursuit of soccer to a nationally-recognized level are encouraged to participate in the formation of a new PDL team for San Diego.

Please be aware that no one can be picked up by videos. Every player has to participate in our tryouts to grasp a spot. Personal interview is necessary process as well.

Date and time

Saturday February 24th at 3pm to 6:30pm


Poinsettia Park, 6600 Hidden Valley Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92011


Payment is required in advance. Tax is included.


Refund policy

The registration fee is refundable by three days before the Tryout dates (Transaction fee is covered by participants). * It is non-refundable after three days before the Tryout dates.



Players are responsible for taking care of their housing by themselves during the season. Please be aware of that the Zest FC do NOT cover players’ housing expense.


Walk-in players

Walk-in players are charged $90 instead of $70.

Registration Form (USL PDL Squad 2018)