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26 Erick Gonzalez

usa United States

Get To Know The Zest: Erick Gonzalez

Do you have family in soccer or other sports who inspired you?
“I grew up watching games with my dad and watching him play as well, so my dad plays a huge role in my soccer journey. My parents are everything to me. The fact of them attending every single game since I started playing soccer shows the unconditional support they give me and that’s what keeps me going”.

Who was/is your favorite soccer player why?
“My two favorite players are Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Zidane for his elegance and Ronaldo for his incomparable work ethic”.
Are there any teams nationally or internationally that you follow?
Real Madrid (Spanish Soccer) and Pumas (Liga Mexicana).
What Do You Think Of The Impact Soccer Can Have Here?
“Soccer has been my passion since the beginning. I think soccer has been gaining a lot of popularity the past couple of years and having a soccer here will only benefit the local talent in San Diego. Playing for the Zest really drifts my support towards having a local MLS team since it can be a potential opportunity to a move to the top league”.

What is your major in college?
“My major is kinesiology because I’d like to be around sports for as long as I can”.
What do you expect this season playing with the Zest this season and what made you tryout?
“A very exciting season full of favorable results awaits and I think it’s a great form of exposure”.
What advice can you give young aspiring soccer players based on your experience?
“Don’t listen to people who say that it’s too difficult to make it pro. My dad plays soccer as well and never really had the chance to prove himself at a higher level due to the circumstances as young boy. I want to achieve something he never got the chance to fulfill. They invested so much time and money into this sport and I have to show them it was worth it and I feel joining Zest is a great step”.
Have you played any other position on the field?
“I played left back for some time but I feel most comfortable as a center-midfielder”.
What is the biggest obstacle you needed to overcome?
“Personally, I would have to say the frustration of not being where I want to be”.
How has your technique changed or improved?
“I feel a lot more confident taking on defenders and on the ball in general.
What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?
“I play FIFA a lot”