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2 Edgar Garcia

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Get To Know The Zest: Edgar Garcia

Do you have family  in soccer or other sports who inspired you?
“I always saw my cousins playing and thought it might be fun. I started practicing with their team when I was four even though they were a few years older. Ever since then I loved the competitiveness of the game”.
Who was/is your favorite soccer player?
I am a huge Mexico National team fan and have huge respect for Rafael Marquez and his style of play.
Are there any teams nationally or internationally that you follow?
“Mexican National Team (El Tri)”
Is soccer always what you wanted to do or did you consider any other sports?
“My family is very soccer oriented so soccer was the obvious choice”.
What is major in college?
“I am history major. I want to pursue a teaching career in history just like my mother”.
What is your long term aspiration?
“To teach and inspire young kids, whether in teaching or playing”.
What do you expect this season playing with the Zest this season?
“I expect the team to have a great season. San Diego is a great place for soccer and I cant wait to be part of this organization on and off the pitch.
What made you want to try out for the Zest in the first place?
I tried out because I wanted to play at a high level and Coach Tont hugely impacted the way I play at Southwestern (College). I really wanted to keep playing with him”. Before attending Southwestern College Edgar was a standout player for Montgomery High School.
What advice can you give a young and aspiring soccer player?
“Just like life, soccer isn’t easy. It’s full of ups and downs, and no matter what, always keep your head up”.
Have you played or would like to play any other position on the field? 
“I am originally a midfield player, but Coach Tont has helped shape me into a left back. Now I enjoy it more than any other position”.
What have been your biggest obstacles to overcome?
“Balancing work, school, family life and soccer”.
How has your technique changed or improved?
“I focus a lot more on my first touch since that is what establishes how much time I have on the ball”.
What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?
“I love playing volleyball with my girlfriend and family”.

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