San Diego Zest FC has announced that they will be hosting a professional soccer combine in this coming June 2018. The combine will be held over the weekend, June 16th and 17th, in North County of San Diego, however the field is to be determined. Zest FC has confirmed that four clubs are committed to the combine so far including Seattle Sounder FC, LA Galaxy, Penn FC, and North Carolina FC. Some of the international professional clubs are expected to attend as well. Zest FC emphasized its main purpose which is to promote seriously high motivated players who are aspiring to achieve their goal to the next level.

Zest FC hosted a successful pro combine last December in Fukuoka, Japan and two of the 40 players have received a chance for a final trial in the United States. Those two players are currently participating in USL clubs’ preseason for two weeks where they are wishing to sign with them. Because of its accomplishment, Zest FC now would like to focus on our local players in order to push them into MLS, USL, and international pro clubs. “It it always our pleasure to put effort in supporting those who have a big dream and chase it until the dream comes true. The combine and San Diego Zest FC are here for assisting them.” The club owner Chase Yamauchi said.

Registration opens on April 1st and more clubs will be announced in a couple of weeks. Please visit our Pro Combine page, which will be published soon, to get more information.