San Diego Zest FC 2 would like to announce that it will host tryouts on Saturday, November 11th, for players who possess interest to join Zest FC 2 during the middle of UPSL Fall Season.

Top players who compete for Zest FC 2 will have the opportunity to continue playing during UPSL’s 2018 Spring Season and become a member of the Zest FC club that competes in the PDL (Premier Development League).

Important Tryout Information

Players with Following Abilities that Zest FC 2 Seeks

  • Speed: One of the most key factors for any soccer player is quickness. Getting down the field quickly can mean the difference between a win and a loss and coaches look for players who can react and think ahead quickly.
  • The Right Attitude: Coaches also look for positive attitude that will lift the team up regardless of the score. Always be attentive to what the coach is asking you to do and focus on what you are doing during practice. Speak to the coach, teammates, referees and opponents with respect.
  • Endurance: Although speed is a top priority, soccer players also need endurance to be able to run while managing themselves for the entirety of the match. Coaches seek players who have the necessary physical conditioning along with the wherewithal to know how to best manage their bodies. In addition to sprints, those trying out should also expect to run longer distances to test their ability to move after longer periods of time. Those aspiring to make the team should practice their skills every day or as much as possible to improve their conditioning before tryouts.
  • Agility: Being able to move the ball quickly with control is perhaps the most important soccer skill of all. If one can’t maintain possession, then it makes the task of scoring impossible while depleting your resources by having to defend instead. Players should be able to avoid collisions during tryouts along with being able to move in all directions as efficiently as possible (the less wasted movement the better).

For more information regarding tryouts, please contact us at (858) 564-9228 or