With the regular season now behind us, the San Diego Zest would like to take this opportunity and thank all of the following groups being part of our second season in the Premier Development League. While the season did not conclude the way we would have wanted, it was made possible and ever so enjoyable thanks to you:

  • The Fans: You followed us from start to finish with the same passion and exuberance as last season. You rooted us on starting with our first game and victory, on the road against Southern California Surf, all the way till the end. It was you the fans that cheered us even when we found ourselves down and the score seemed insurmountable. The atmosphere you created at our home games was felt on the field and provided that extra push to help get every ounce of energy that the players had. We hope to see you again and also when it’s time for Zest II to compete in the upcoming UPSL season.
  • Our Sponsors: Your sponsorship continues to be critical to the success and popularity of the San Diego Zest. If it wasn’t for our sponsors the team would not even find itself able to compete in the PDL. The companies that sponsor the San Diego Zest continue to not only make a positive contribution to our community but also to remind everyone of the impact and importance of sports and investing in youth. This positive feeling is one we have been honored to receive since our first season and hope to do so again next year.
  • Our Players/Coaches/Staff: Whether it be returning players or players who just completed their first season with the SD Zest, all of you showed an immense amount of character and fortitude (both mental and physical) for every game this year. Even in games where you were down early, the opponent scored a lucky goal late, or the calls did not go your way, you kept pushing and battling until the final whistle. You had much to deal with this season including changes of venue, coaching, academic obligations and multiple starting line-ups which makes it difficult to develop chemistry. Yet, you were able to make every game exciting showing everyone the pride you had in wearing the SD Zest jersey. Whether the final result was a win, loss, or draw, the players, coaches, and staff always showed character and respect for the game. As the saying goes: “Things are never as good as you would like or as bad as they seem”, thank you for always remaining focused with the task at hand no matter the final outcome.
  • Divisional Opponents: The Southwest Division was packed with very talented teams this year. Many of them were much improved from last season and showed what areas of improvement we need to focus on for 2018. The new addition of Fresno Fuego really forces us to raise our game and get back to basics so the Zest can be the team we know it can next season. FC Golden State Force (the division champion) is another club that has helped us develop and lead by example going back to last year. It looks like, based on what the SD Zest saw from Southern California Surf in 2017, this is will be a vibrant rivalry for years to come. Last but not least is San Francisco City FC who reminded us that, despite missing the playoffs the year before, a team can bounce back and be competitive the following season including having victories over the powerhouses of the Southwest Division. We thank all these teams along with the rest of the division and hope there is a Southwest Division representative in the PDL Championship this year.